Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HERBALIFE TOOLS & TECHNIQUES: how to work your business!

  • Circle of Influence (C.O.I.) (Get script)
  • Shake Party (See Formula X)
  • Wellness Evaluations (Flip Folder)
  • HOM & STS
  • Flyer's (Mass / Letterbox)
  • Survey's (Anywhere / good rapport builder)
  • Walk n' Talk (Anywhere / get script)
  • Button Response (Get script)
  • Show off (Shake in public / Spray Radiant C)
  • Internet/Websites (billions of people out there)
  • Nutrition Club (See Gudelines)
  • Product Demo
  • Skincare Demo
  • Roadshow (Booths)
  • Posters / Mailing / Brouchure-sharing
  • Weigh-in Club
  • Business Dinner
  • Advertising (Expensive)
  • Buy Leads (Expensive)
  • Wellness Clubs
  • Total Plan

To begin laying the foundations of your full-time business, it is a key principle to adopt 3 DMO's (Daily Methods of Operation), selected from the above list. A real leader will learn ALL the techniques, so they can teach their future business organisation!

1 comment:

neseLV said...

Thank you for the comment after this. A real leader will learn ALL of the techniques so I can teach it to my people. I needed to hear that because I don't want to learn them all, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to lead a successful team.

I hope you are well and are working towards having everything you want in life!